They say location is everything, and this can often be true. Opening your new shop in the heart of a pedestrian-friendly shopping area can help your small business grow simply through word of mouth. Of course, this means that you want to pay special concern to your display windows so you can catch the eyes of any passersby. Clear vinyl window graphics can help you do just that.

Product Protection

Although that large street-side window is great for catching a customer's eye, constant exposure to the sun can damage the items on display. Further, glare on the window may make it hard for those passing by to see in. Fortunately, there are clear window clings that provide both UV resistance and glare reduction. These clings don't darken the view, unless you choose a tinted variety. As an added benefit, if certain types of damage occurs to the window, such as graffiti, you can simply replace the cling as opposed to the whole window.

Eye Catching Logos

Although signage at the top of the building is great for catching the eye of those in passing cars, it doesn't work as well with pedestrian traffic. Bring the eye catching logos and business name down to street level by choosing a clear window graphic that has your company name, a logo, or a list of services on it. Treat the design of the logo graphic like a frame around the window so that the view of the product isn't blocked by the logo. Simple logos and name designs work best.

Event Advertisements

Having signage printed for every sales event or holiday that comes around can get expensive after a few years, which is why reusable clear vinyl window graphics are a good investment. You can have a set printed up for the year that will cover your planned holiday and sales cycles. After each event, simply take down the cling and save it until the next time you need it. There are even some clings that you write on with dry-erase type markers, so you can update the dates or prices on the event clings each year without having to purchase new ones.

Framing Options

Sometimes simplicity is best. If you have a relatively bland storefront, try spicing it up with a window cling frame. These clings can mimic the look of multi-paned windows, which, for example, could be a charming look for a European bakery. Or, you can have a cling that has a frame made of scroll work, which adds some whimsy to the window display of a gift store or salon.

Contact a company that makes window graphics, such as DCM Inc., for more help.