Were you left in the dark and without some of the vital things that you need after a bad storm struck your area? If you are fearful of going through the same type of situation again, it is in your best interest to prepare in advance. When you are purchasing your emergency supplies, think in terms of preparing for a long-term situation as well. The reason why is because some types of storms can leave you without power for days at a time, which can lead to food spoiling and numerous other problems. Take a look at this article for a list of suggestions that can help you determine which type of preparation supplies to purchase.

1. Sandbags

One of the worst types of storms is a flood, as it can destroy the interior and exterior of your house. A simple rainstorm can turn into a flood when least expected. The best way to protect your house against flood damage is to purchase sandbags. You can then place the sandbags by your doors and garage if it is predicted that a flood might occur in your area. Sandbags can prevent water from flowing beneath the doors.

2. Backup Lights

The power going off is usually one of the first things that happen when a severe storm strikes, and sometimes even during mild weather. The most convenient way to obtain power during a blackout is by using a generator, which is why you should keep one handy. However, purchasing a few flashlights is a great option as well when it comes to obtaining light during a blackout. Just make sure that you also purchase a supply of batteries for the flashlights.

3. Tarps

Tarps are great for protecting some of the things that are on the outside of your house during bad weather. A tarp is useful because it can prevent water from damaging your belongings, such as if you were to place one over any electrical equipment that you keep outside. You can also place a tarp over your vehicle when it is hailing outside to prevent the body from getting dented up.

4. Water Pump

In the event that rainwater actually makes it inside of your house and floods it, you must get rid of the water as soon as possible. You can end up with mold in your house and severe damaged if the water is left sitting for a long time. The best way to get rid of the water fast is the purchase a pump that you can use. Make sure the pump is able to pump is of a high quality for the fastest water removal.