An RV camper can look a little dreary over time as the fabric on the curtains fades and yellows. You can instantly bring new life to the interior of the camper by replacing the curtains with brightly colored fabric. This is a job someone who doesn't know how to sew can do in a couple of hours without much trouble. Here is how you can make new curtains for your camper without ever picking up a sewing needle.

Measuring Fabric

You'll need to cut out two pieces of fabric for each window. Measure the entire width and length of the window you are covering. Add a couple inches to the width and length of the fabric so you have extra material to make hems all around the curtain. For more information, contact a fabric store in your area.

Cut the Fabric

Cut out a piece of fabric to cover an entire window and fold it over in half. Cut the fabric up the middle. This will give you two pieces of fabric that are the same size. You want the pieces to be the same size so they look uniform once you hang the curtain onto the window.

Add Hems to Fabric.

You need to put hems on the fabric to give the curtain smooth edges, prevent the edges from fraying, and create a loop to slide the fabric onto the curtain rod. Lay one piece of fabric at a time on a table. Stretch the fabric out so it lays completely flat. Cut a strip of seam tape equal to the length of one side of the fabric. Seam tape has a double-sided adhesive on it. Remove the film covering the adhesive along one side of the tape and press the strip down onto the piece of fabric. Take the film off of the other side of the tape and fold the edge of the fabric over onto itself. This will create a hem you need. Repeat the process for the other side and bottom of the fabric.

The hem along the top of the fabric will be longer than the hems on the side and bottom. This is because you need to make a loop in the top hem large enough so you can slide a rod through it to hang the curtains. Measure and mark a couple of spots four inches or more down from the top edge of the fabric and draw a straight line between the markings. Put a strip of seam tape right up along the straight line. Take the fabric and fold it over so the top edge is secured to the top of the seam tape. A loop is created when you fold the fabric over.

Take an iron and place it on the cotton setting. Run the iron over the fabric and seam tape to activate the adhesive and make it firmly adhere to the material.

Hang Curtains

Slide the rod through the hoop at the top of the fabric. Connect the rod to the brackets on the window to hang the new curtains.