Custom framing is a great way to get the perfect frame for a special item. Some people worry about the cost of framing things so they don't invest in the right frame. Although some simple things, like a snap shot, might not require a nice custom frame, there are some items that you should get custom framed. Here are 3 things that should be customized.

1. Degrees and Licenses

If you are a professional who needs to display your degrees and licenses in the office, it is important that they look right. These documents prove that you are qualified and equipped to administer services to your clients. For this reason, they should look as professional and nice as possible.

You do not want to put these documents in a cheap frame where each one looks mismatched. Instead, you can get a custom frame that will perfectly set each document with the right matte and frame, so that you can have one large frame, or multiple small ones, that are classic and professional. Many custom framing centers have specific woods, mattes, and glass for these kinds of documents.

2. Family Heirlooms

If you have acquired family pictures or family heirlooms that are not conventionally sized, you should find a frame that matches the picture, not the other way around. These pictures and keepsakes are priceless and you need to find the right way to display them.

In addition, it is important that you use materials that will prolong and preserve the picture and heirloom. If you are not careful, the wrong materials will cause the picture to be exposed to humidity or moisture, which could ruin it. When you get quality framing, they will make sure that the picture is protected from the elements.

3. Things That Require Engravings

One of the best ways to get something professional engraved is to get it custom framed. There are certain woods that are ideal for engravings. Something that many people like to get engraved is a special wedding photo. Perhaps on the frame you want to put the date of the marriage, or a phrase that signifies your love and commitment. You won't be able to do this with just any frame. Choosing the right wood is essential to getting the engraving that you want.

These are just three items that require custom framing, such as by Instaframe Galleries. By choosing the right frame you can be sure to preserve, protect, and display those documents and pictures that matter most.